Sunday, June 10

10 Months

I can hardly believe how the time has just flown by! Kaylie is already 10 months old, Good Golly how did that happen so quickly??

She is just a joy and we can not seem to quit smooching on those cute little cheeks! Ha ha who can blame us?

She loves it when Justin walks with her, those little legs move pretty fast. Gramma is going to have to pick her up a couple more pairs of shoes here pretty soon too!

This is a TOTAL 'lift' of a layout by Shandy Vogt. I just love her style :)

Credits are:

Shandy Vogt

Swass Mask Template

& Papers - Not so Simple Solids

Nancie Rowe Janitz (at ScrapArtists) - Inked Edge overlay (Love this!)

Fonts: You are Loved and It ain't Rocket Science by Kimberly Geswein (I always seem to use Kimberly's fonts, they just work soooo well!)


laura P said...

Beautiful layout !! Wow where does the time go???
Minnie Winnie chewed the power cord to my laptop , lucky she didn't get fried !!!I was at the grocery store when Robin called with the bad news. By the time I got home he had gotten online and got me a new one under warrenty being shipped two day??!!!
She was a BAD dog today...

Debby said...

They do grow up so fast! You are lucky she is close to you so you can watch her grow.