Sunday, July 29

Kaylie and the cake 'The beginning'

Love the look on her face here, like Oh, is that really for me!?! She did not hesitate one moment, man she just dived right in!

Tons and tons of fun and I am just pooped! But wanted to post one quick photo of the day. I have 167 photos so you know you will be seeing LOTS of birthday pictures.

Plus Amber took a video of the whole thing! :) so LOOK OUT! lol


laura P said...

Can't wait to see all the darling pictures !!
I'll even come over and watch video too !!

Valerie said...

OOoooo la la, what a sweetie!

amber said...

She is sooo focused it is hillarious!! I love how she dug in with both hands!

laura P said...

Hey didn't you have a page posted on here????
Also PLEASE, PLEASE come over and get some plums !!!!!