Monday, July 30

Diving in!

Here is the 1st of the birthday layouts, yes there will be MANY more to come but I am SLOW!!!!

Journaling reads:
You dived in without a moments hesitation! Then you made and awful face, like you were eating lemons. We think it was the cold icing cause it really didn't slow you down!

But it totally cracked us up!

Shandy Vogt: Template Got Pix Volume 2- Swass Swirls - Swass 4 words
GAB happy scrap: 'Simplicity kit'
Minna Rajala Mira Designs: 'Funky Felt Borders'
Michelle Coleman: Hand Stamped Kimberly Geswein - Date font Color me Purple
Journaling font - 'CBX Watson'


amber said...

Love the "lemon" face! Can't wait to see the video b/c I was on that side of her when she made the face! Super cute layout too!!

crzymom said...

Oh she is so cute! Glad you were able to help her celebrate her first birthday. :)

Debby said...

I love the pictures. It looks like she had fun with that cake.Such a sweety.

Shandy said...

ok Brooke! how adorable is she!!!! love all the different shots you got and the close up one of the cake! Fabulous as always! Got it for my SHINES :) (which I'm way behind on.. but I've got it saved :)

Carma said...

I am wondering why I do not see these awesome lo on the web site friend!