Saturday, July 14

One last Good bye

I have been wanting to blog about
this but I get all choked up. This was my grandparents home. I have spent soooo many hours in this house :) I am one of those really really lucky kids who had grandparents who loved me and would do anything for me. Not like spoil me rotten anything I wanted, but anything I really NEEDED. KWIM?
My gramma has lived here alone since my grandpa passed away, over 20 years ago. My gramma is 95 and has amazing wisdom, plus plenty of piss and vinegar too! I do hope I have a lot of her genes!! :)

She has just moved into an assisted living place over by my brother. A beautiful place, but it is not 'her home'. I can only imagine what a difficult transition this was for her. We needed to go up to her place one last time and deal with the things she no longer needs. It was so hard to walk into her house and not have her there, not have it feel like her. I doubt if I will ever go back to Sweet Home, where I grew up. Do you understand the feeling?

Then we went to the private christian school my Mom started. She was an amazing Mom, Wife, DIL, Friend and Teacher. I miss her so much, she so would have loved being a great-gramma to Kaylie. When my mom retired her close friend took over the school. She has this plaque in the entry way of my beautiful mother. It was great to see what all Anita has done with the school, moved it from the church into a great building of it's own. Added more classes and teachers, Man mom would have loved it!

So since my Dad is living with us, my Mom is waiting in Heaven and my Gramma has moved, I just don't see myself going back to my home town. I guess I just felt like I needed to get this written down. Great great memories in Sweet Home and a super place to raise a family. Just not home anymore :)

Ok I promise a happier topic on my next blog!


laura P said...

Thanks for sharing!! Change is hare ever at our "AGE"
Love ya, laura

laura P said...

That "hare" sould be "hard"
Duh !!!!

laura P said...

What the? Was I typing with my feet or what ?????
OK the "ever" should be "even"

PS I really can spell.

Beth said...

Damn Brooke you brought tears to my eyes also GF. Love the picture of your Mom you sure look alot like her.

Amber said...

You are gonna make me cry! At least Laura's comments made me laugh! I thought it was some weird quote... but she was just being Laura! Some great memories for sure and I can't imagine how that would make you feel - walking into her home and have her not be there surprised and happy to see you... wow! Getting older sucks but at least we have our faith to keep us strong when our loved ones move to be with Jesus.

Kayla said...

Amazing post - Keep writing - these are the memories your great-grandchildren will love to read! Someday they will be looking at your home in the same way... and when they can read that you had a similar experience...imagine how precious that will be. :)

Jill said...

Your mom was/is beautiful Brooke. This was a great post even if it was sad. It will be something your Grandkids or great grandkids will read someday a feel a little closer to you...