Thursday, July 5

Freedom on the 4th of July

We had a really mellow 4th, which was nice with as busy as we have been!
I was hoping for a better shot of these flyer's when the went past but this was the best I got.
I know no everyone feels the same about politics but these guys protect our right to have different opinions!
Love to see them go by, makes my heart swell.
I had to put this together REALLY quickly so I can join in on Shandy's Challenge!
Credits are:
Shandy Vogt: Template and Freedom
Melissa Renfro: Glittery star Special Scrapgirls
Edgy Diane Miller Scrapgirls
Fonts - Date: LB Sandbox - Journaling: Dauphin - Title: Artstamp Medium from DaFont


Shandy said...

the protectors of our nation ARE a powerful sight! awesome LO Brooke and look at you pulling together such a great looking one so quickly! no one would ever know! I'll email you your full kit link :)

laura P said...

I get tears in my eyes, think that is why I have to go to a parade !
I downloaded this one too, going to give the ol' digi a try this weekend since I have some time.... We'll see

Debby said...

Hey there, It rained so hard forget cats and dogs it was cows and horses. Glad you liked the butterflys. I like your layout. I have some cool pictures some place on my hard drive that I got from my son. If I can find them I will put them up, I loose stuff all the time, well it is there some place but it is lost to me. Have a great day!

Beth said...

Hey there girlfriend love your layouts great work.

Kayla said...

Love that photo - and the sentiment - so grateful they make the freedoms we enjoy possible!

Lucie said...

Don't have time for much but just wanted to thank you for you kind comments on my blog. They always bring smile to my face:-) Got a new camera so I'm taking a LOT of photos! Let's see if you like them!