Thursday, August 23

First Friends

One of the last layouts for Kaylie's 1st Birthday. These to kiddos are so close in age, Wesley is less than a month younger. His Daddy and Justin have been in school and friends since kindergarten. Wesley's Mom is a couple years younger but has a brother who is the same age and they have all been friends for years. It is so fun to see the 'kids' grow up and have kids of their own!

Jada is a couple of months older than Kaylie and her Mom and Dad are great friends for Justin. Such a cute little couple too!

It will be fun to show this layout to these three kiddos when they are about to graduate from High School! YIKES what in the world made me think of that! Sure don't want to rush things! lol

We are headed to Portland today to the Farwest Nursery Trade show. This is one of my favorite shows because it is a chance to touch base with some long time friends.

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Debby said...

Great layout, ya know high school will come faster than we think. It is good that there are other children for her to grow up with.
I hope you had fun in Portland at the trade show. Did you get anymore great ideas?

Valerie... said...

Another amazing lo, with an amazing little girl.

laura P said...

Great page, AGAIN !!!
Hope you have a good time at that there trade show....
When can we ge together to scrapbook?????

Kayla aka The Legacy Lady said...

Love the layout - so cute - they grow up so fast!

Lucie aka Lemonaid Lucy said...

Wow, Brooke, what a flight you had!!! I must admit I had to laugh and read aloud to my husband when I read it although at that moment it must not have been funny at all for you...:-) Hope you're enjoying your travel, trade shows and shopping (lol) and those cantaloupes look soooooo yummy!

BTW, great page, love the photos!

fannie said...

Oh this is simply adorable!!! LOVE the layout. And how wonderful that the babies and their parents can be such friends. :)

Hummie said...

Aren't Sarah's templates awesome! I already did this one too. Love it! And you utilized it so well with such a cute theme.