Friday, August 17

East Coast

Sorry but no photos, I am a total dork and forgot the attachment to download! We did a tour of some Nurseries yesterday (the ones we were supposed to see the 1st day but with the flight mess up we missed) Fabulous places, some super ideas and met some great people. I just wish I could to the whole 'I dream of Jeanie or Bewitched' thing, blink my eyes and be able to implement some of these great ideas instantly into our Nurseries. hee hee but as it is I know there will be some hard work ahead, but it is exciting to 'plan' and 'daydream'!

I guess I am a bit surprised at how super open and friendly everyone has been to us. I had always heard that
1 People on the east coast don't take the time to explain anything
2 Think us 'westerners' are backwoodsie hicks
3 Talk so fast you can't understand them

Ok so I will stop listening to that kind of talk and just say I have found some SUPER great people here. From the funny guy at the quick market where we stopped to get some water to the Rent a car guy to the Nurseries. Super Super friendly, helpful and just plain nice people!!

Now driving on these roads that is a different story! Holy crapola, I mean really! What is up with the no left turn thing! Can't tell you how many times we had to take a right make a 'U-ie' and go back just to get a left turn. lol Plus the whole toll booth thing, ya sure gotta make time to get change BEFORE you hit the road! lol

We ate dinner at the beach last night, funny but on the west coast we usually call our beach area the 'Coast' but here they say the Beach. Found a super nice place, nice in that it was right on the beach, good food not crazy expensive and it had a nice relaxed feeling. We sat outside and sort of wound down, well that is until we had to make the hour drive back to our hotel that took about 1.5 hours! Thank heavens John (my BIL) has a blackberry and downloaded the program that lets you use it like a GPS. I have no idea what we would have done otherwise.

Today is the day we plan on hitting old town Philly, doing the sight seeing thing and maybe have time for Cynde (my SIL) to finally get a chance to do a little shopping. She has been chomping at the bit to shop since we left. I am not much of a shopper (just ask Amber lol) but I told Cynde, after we do the old town stuff I would 'back her up' on the shopping thing!

Thanks for 'listening' to me ramble, see ya when I get home! - B


Debby said...

Sounds like things are going a bit better and you know you can find a good sale if you go shopping. Sounds like the beach was nice. I have left that little cable thing home before myself. You will have lots to show us when you get home.
So you have come across some good ideas and are making some big plans for your nurseries. If I could blink my eyes my crap book room would be all cleaned up and organized. Yes my DH calls it the crap book room.Well my nose isn't working and blinking isn't working so I guess I will just have to do it myself. If I could just move the walls out about 2 feet and make more room my problem would be solved. Yes .....I have so much crap book stuff I have out grown the room. I would take before and after pics. but there is to much mess. and the sad thing is it won't look much better when I get done.

Sorry about the book,have fun and have a nice flight home

laura P said...

Sounds like the trip is taking a turn for the better...
lets get together when you get back so I can hear all about it.

Oh and Debby,I am right there with ya sister about the "CRAP" room

Valerie said...

Hmmm, the "coast" thing must be an Oregon thing, cuz I was raised in So Cal and we also called it the "beach."

Make it home safe and sound!

Debby said...

STILL working on the sCrap book room.I ordered some new storage and it came to day so I have been redoing my workspace. Trash, trash, trash. you know how you save those little pieces??? they are hitting the trash today. I will see if I can get a picture of what I got and put it up on my blog. It seems to be working for what I needed.

Hope you get rested up soon.

Jill R said...

Sounds like your having fun! Enjoy your time away.... :)