Saturday, August 4

Wobbly but walking

Love your wobbly little walk, you are just so proud of yourself! Your arms are up in the air sort of like you are saying 'pick me up' when in reality you have no desire to be held when you can 'do it yourself'. Your Daddy tells anyone within earshot that you are walking. He loves you so much, he just has to share :)

Credits are:
Shandy Vogt -
Scallop template (modified a bit) and swass frame
Christina Renee - Urban Love
Seebees - stitches
Gina Marie Huff - Welcoming Spring - Grow tag and ribbon


Debby said...

Look at her go!!!!! I bet he is proud. God bless them both.

amber said...

I love how she holds her arms straight up in the air for balance, cracks me up! Now comes the real fun - she will be "in to" everything!! Super cute layout too!!

Hummie said...

I love this layout...simple with the focus right on the photos.