Wednesday, August 1


'Uncle' Tyler got to hold Kaylie for the 1st time, Hmmm I wonder if he realizes just how Privileged he is!!

With so little time with Kaylie, Justin is very much the one who gets to hold (or play with) her. Which is totally understandable, but let me tell ya this 'Gramma' is dieing for more time with her!

Credits are:
French Country side kit: Here or Here
French Country side Quick page Here or Here
Title font Retro Rock Poster at DaFont


laura P said...

BROOKE...... Your pages are BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!
Maybe it has something to do with a "little cutie" for your inspiration....

Valerie... said...

Is there more time with that little angel in sight? What a beautiful page, you amaze. Did I mention I miss you? :)

Kayla said...

So love these layouts and it makes me want that kit even more - saving pennies and trying to find time to scrap with all of the cool stuff I see - isn't that just how it is? lol.