Friday, September 21

30 years LATER!!

Well here we are ready to head out for our Anniversary Dinner. Yes 30 years older!! lol Not much to say about that! Paul asked when he turned into an old man, I told him I would let him know when he did. I for one think he is still pretty dang good looking! We don't clean up to bad, just wish I knew photoshop well enough to take 20 lbs and 20 years off!! hee hee Oh well we are what we are :)

We had dinner at the Arbor House in Talent. One of our very favorite places, the food is wonderful and we just love the people who run it. Nice quite and small, simply perfect!

Headed out to the Route 5 Scrapbook Retreat evening of make-n-takes.

We have looked forward to this for so long and now it is here!!

WOO HOO I will let you know all about it on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

You two are so cute! Wouldn't even think it has been 30 years - congrats again - now we need a layout or even scrapbook about you two! :)

crzymom said...

You're a couple of cuties Brook! Love your new hair style too. Miss chatting with everyone at Treasures.

Hummie said...

Oh my, what a great looking couple you are and I wish I looked that thin! Congratulations on 30 years! Wow! don't look old enough to be married that long. We are at 21 and I hope we make it to 30.

Thanks for your comments on my layout and your comment about bopping Eve on the head just made me laugh outloud. God gives us humor to enjoy and you sure lightened my heart.

DigiScrapDepot said...

Hi Brooke, i have a sis in Eugene, and I have lived in Klamath,My daughter lives in Portland LOL. I miss Oregon too!

Im so happy for you congratulations on your anniversary!


Carma said...

Happy 30 years later. You both look great, love the new haircut...