Sunday, September 23

Route 5 Retreat part 1

A couple of photos of the day, but more about it later!!

We started out on Friday night hitting all 4 Scrapbook Stores!
Each one had a Make-N-Take plus you got a ticket for the prize drawing
for being there for the Friday Night Party
Laura joined in with Amber and I for the evening of Scrapping Fun.
We started in Grants Pass at The Scrapbook Connection and made a cute little
Metal covered case. Amber is going to put goodies in it for her
little Niece Julietta who has a 4th birthday coming up
Then headed to Central Point to Sugar & Spice where we made a really
cute CD envelope with a cute ribbon and chipboard closure
Our 3rd stop was Scrapbook King where we did 2 projects!
A super cute little chipboard book for putting tiny photos in
and a Pocket note card for a quick thank you or for an accent on a layout.
Plus they had chocolate dipped Strawberries, can we say YUMMM
Next we hit Jackson Creek Pizza for a little Dinner Break.
Nice to stop and regroup and relax for a moment.
Plus a glass of wine/beer was totally calling out to us! lol
Then on to No Bare Pages for our last stop of the Night
We made what could be used as page in a Chipboard Album
or a main focus on a scrapbook page. A Carma creation that
totally taxed her because she had to SIMPLIFY!!! lol
So no something she is used to doing when she does a class! hee hee
All in all it was a fabulous evening!
More about 'The Day' later, right now I am just to pooped! :)


laura P said...

I have to confess, Went to breakfast this morning with Robin (her B-day) Shirley & Terri, then home and back to BED !! I took a nice long nap today and that was pretty much it !! Sorry Courtney, was going to stop by NBP and say "Hey" ! I had a GREAT time !!!
Thanks GF

Anonymous said...

Ok - I am loving the laptops in the photos at the crop! Can't wait to see everything else you girls created! Hopefully you get some sleep! :)

Debby said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I had a busy weekend, getting ready for our trip to the beach. Catch you later.


Yeah!! Too much fun! I hope they do it again next year! We need one in the Fall since CKC is so early in the year!

Fuzzy said...

Oh wow seems like you all had a blast sheehs there is so many people

ok i want to see the crafts lol


Hummie said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! I have never been to a gathering like that, although I think people want me to get one together for digital in St. Louis, but I'm hesitant cause I don't know what's supposed to happen at one of these! I see laptops in your photo though!

Hummie said...

Many people are complaining of spamware or malware downloading from 4shared....the antivirus programs are being set off by it. It must be a recent change on their site as I have experienced redirects myself that try to open other pages....everyone is saying they have to hit the back button.

Lucie aka Lemonaid Lucy said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun, Brooke! Can't wait to see what you've made!!!

I love the photos from the kids club too, I ran to check on those actions, they look so cool, I think I'm gonna get them:) You've got great close ups, love their faces concentrated on working.

And what a beautiful couple you are! You were then and you are now! And you are right, Paul is a pretty damn good looking chap, lol! You look fantastic too! Sooooo happy! Your wedding day memories made me laugh, it's great you remember these little moments. Oh and BIG congrats to your 30 years!!! (almost forgot:))

You asked how we pronounce Amaia - all the 'a' are as in Martin but shorter.
The dog on the last LO is mine, his name's Dante and he's a darling (like all labs, lol)

Hey, why don't you email me your addy and I'll get you the missed freebie:) And don't forget about today's:)

Have a great weekend!

Carma said...

Had a great time. See all the beautiful center pieces? Yes they were donated by Brooke at Valley View Nursery. THANK YOU....