Saturday, September 15

Kids Club - Pot Decorating and Bulb Planting

Ok is this about the cutest group of kids you have ever seen!! We had soooo much fun painting and planting, it was great. They decorated a planter and learned a bit about bulbs, then chose 3 to plant. Learned which end to put in the dirt for roots and which end grows the flower (a good thing to know when you are planting bulbs don'tcha think?) Just had to share a few of the photos :)

I love how they were concentrating so hard on what they were creating, it is so cool to see kids learning to explore their own styles.
So in October we are going to do a Halloween/Harvest Party. They will get to pick out a pumpkin from the patch they helped plant. How is that for rewarding! We have some creepy crawly treats planned and some slimy juice, ummmm sounds really appetizing now doesn't it! lol Should be a fun time, I think Pat and I have as much if not more fun than the kids do.
All the photos have Natasha Whiteley's Actions, I am sooo addicted to them, I can't leave a photo plain anymore!!


laura P said...

Is that Jeremy & Barrett in one of the pics. Barrett with a HAIRCUT where are his curls????

Hummie said...

The actions made those photos look so awesome!...not like they weren't already!