Sunday, September 16

My 1st Heritage Page

This is the very 1st Heritage Page I have ever done and I was prompted by Hummie. Love her blog and all that she shares. This is my MIL's sweet, sweet sister Louise as a baby with their Mother Anna. I made Louise a quick album for her 80th birthday and have just been waiting for this photo. I had to do a lot of photoshop work on it but I am really pleased with the way it turned out. Especially after running Natasha Whiteley's Deep BW Action over it! You get the choice of 10 different B&W colors, now just how awesome is that. I used Silver Shines on this one.
I made the background paper, yep my 1st attempt and then put KSharonK's grid over the top.
The papers are from Fee Jardine's quick page album from the Digi Chick but I can't seem to find Fee's current store. I just cut some of the patterns out to use as color & the fabric tie so this page would match the rest of the book. I am loving using this drop shadow technique that Misty Cato shared on her Blog. So easy once you get the hang of it!
The stitches are from AmelieScrap's kit part one and the word art pieces are from Tina Chambers and Jenna Robertson (I can't find where she is now either)!!
I still need to get the date from my MIL and then get it printed. I will be glad to get this sent off to Louise. I love the process of creating but always feel a sense of relief when a project is finished. KWIM?


laura P said...

BROOKE You are awsome !! Hope to pick up some tricks from you this weekend @ ROUTE 5.
The layout is STUNNING !!

Anonymous said...

this is so gorgeous! You need to submit it to a magazine! Love it!

Hummie said...

Wow...and Wow! Look how many warm fuzzies you got in there! You go girl! And the layout is the text and the deep colors...great photo!

Scraps of Bev said...

Hi Brooke...what a stunning the way you've done the layout!! 30 years...a few more to catch up with my 39 years but you'll do it!!