Monday, September 3

My Daughter

So here is my Beautiful Daughter. This is the 1st layout I have made with her in it since I finished her HUGE wedding album! Which I think took me almost a full year.

If you know us at all then you know we have had our ups and downs. As I imagine most Mothers and Daughters do during the growing up years! lol One of the best things she decided to do was to spend a year of college in Germany. Changed her outlook on things and changed mine too. She grew up a lot and I had to let go. So it was good for both of us. :)

I can truly say she is my best friend! We just have so much fun together and I am so proud of her. She has so much more drive and confidence than I ever had.

She works full time plus she is a 'Body Shop' Consultant. So here is my plug for her business. Check out her website here and leave your email if you would like to receive notice of Sales (and we all LOVE sales).

Someday she would like to be a stay at home mom and do her Body Shop business. I of course get all 'excited' when she talks about the 'mom' part!! hee hee

Credits are:
Gina Marie Huff at Weeds and Wildflowers Believing in you
Photo action
'Awesome color' by Natasha Whiteley
Date Stamp Sherri Tierney Elemental Scraps
Atomic Cupcake Jelly Action

KgD Tiffany by Kimberly Geswein
Cac Shishoni Brush
UNDECAPPED Vinyl at Da Font


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Your daughter is gorgeous and so is the layout - I love how you put it all together - it is beautiful!

laura P said...

Another BEAUTIFUL LO. I don't have a daughter but have fun with my "boys" (men?)I can see the special bond you and Amber have. And I feel lucky to call both of you my friends !!
Love ya

Hummie said...

Oh, you have a beautiful daughter and you created a fantastic page to highlight her...a true keepsake.

Hummie said...

You know Andrea? What tv group are you in?

Fuzzy said...

Oh wow brooke i love your blog
you have a bootiful family and stunning layouts .oh and i love your veggies from the veggie garden in south africa we call a cantaloup (spanspek in afrikaans LOL)

will pop in agian

Beth said...

Ashley is gorgeous Brookegreat job on the layout and I can relate to what you are saying about daughters only wish mine liked to craft.

Beth said...

Sorry Brooke meant Amber not Ashley