Thursday, September 6

Oh how I LOVE this

Ok, I had to share this photo. I think it tells such a story in itself. You can almost 'feel' the love coming from Justin to his little Kaylie.
Every little moment with her is just so precious. For those of you who have your kids full time every day - day in and day out. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed (I know I did at times) and would just like a bit of a break. There is nothing wrong with that. This is just to remind you just how lucky you are. Because in the daily routine of life sometimes we forget that little tidbit.
When you get such limited time with your child, every second is just like gold. So much so that it is hard to let go of the child and just let them play. I just want life to settle in and be as normal for Kaylie as it can be in today's world. Time with Daddy and time with Mommy. For her to know that she is loved by both her parents.(And her grandparents) Well that was more than I planned on writing but it is what was on my heart.
We all just love this little button. She has totally changed our lives and filled a spot that I didn't even know was waiting for her. She has this funny little squeak/squeal thing that just has the whole house laughing! Of course she thinks that is pretty fun! I have it on video and when I figure out how to take it from tape to the computer I will post it.
Yep she already has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger! lol just as it should be with a Daddy and a Daughter. ha ha (I should know)!!
I am so loving 'Actions' those great little 'action packed' goodies that do all the hard work for you and just leave you to play and adjust.
I use Natasha Whiteley's Photo-licious action called 'Awesome Color' on this photo. LOVE this pack and wow if you have looked around this is a great deal. Don't freak out when you look at the price, make sure you convert it to USD not South African Rands!
The frame is Rhonna Penner's from Snap Shot Elements and the Sweet Swass brush is of course Shandy Vogt's. Seemed to be the perfect touch :)
Oh and Shandy is having a 50% off sale right now!!! YEE HAW
Later gators! - B


Hummie said...

Awww...that is a photo that speaks without words and I love how you have journaled about it and encouraged us.

Jill said...

You can count me in the group of people who sometimes would just LOVE to have a day off from being a parent, but I am blessed. Really truly I can't imagine having to "split" time with my kids.

The good thing is, is that she sure doesn't look like she is hurting for lovin' and it probably makes you and your son cherish every moment and moms like me can take a lesson from that.

Debby said...

WOW you have been busy. What a lovely photo of your son and his daughter.

It took me a little bit to catch up with all your great post.....your daughter is lovely to....

Have a great weekend!

Lucie aka Lemonaid Lucy said...

Awww, what a sweet photo, Brooke! Love it. It's SO tender! Great words on golden moments...I totally agree. Sometimes I go to bed at night and before falling asleep I recap the day and think that I haven't enjoyed enough the time I've spent with my kids - tired, busy, whatever...and it upsets me!
I LOVE your layout with Kaylie on daddy's shoulders. I'm gonna scraplift you (and Sarah for that matter:))! That quote is great! And the LO with your daughter is beautiful too. I'm sure you're proud of her and that study in Germany gave her a lot. I know that myself:) You are on your own and you grow in many ways. That's always good:) Hey, have a great weekend and 'see' you soon!

Beth said...

Oh Brooke what a awesome shot of Justin and Kaylie and you are right you can just feel the love from Justin.

Andrea (Andilynn Designs) said...

Love this photo, it has been so fun to see Kaylie grow up this past year.
Hope you are having a nice Sept. Am hoping to get back on the blog wagon soon!

fannie said...

Brooke, what an awesome photo! I love your sentiments as well. I'm one of those 24/7 moms, and at times it DOES get tiring and overwhelming. But you're right. These are precious, precious times. Thank you for the reminder!!! :)

Hummie said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my are just too sweet!'d melt!