Saturday, October 27

Card Making

I am off to spend the day making cards with my DD Amber! She is going to do a booth at the Asante craft fair.All day just playing, sounds good to me :) - I will post some tomorrow.


Flergs said...

Have fun card making.

With the drop shadows, the angle will change all shadows but the distance & size etc should stay the same. Meaning if you save the shadows they will stay the same size but you may have to alter the angle whenever you do a new page? I'm going to have to add that part to the tutorial!! I just remembered it.

Have a great day.

Deb M. said...

Can't wait to see what you made!! Hurry, hurry!! :o)

Tag You're It...I tag you! Post 7 Random/Weird Facts about yourself. :o)


katg1006 said...

Hi Brooke!! ((hugs)) Thanks for stopping by! I have not seen any Christmas Treat bag toppers yet! Asked around none out yet that I have seen...will keep an eye out!

Fabulous photos!! I also can't wait to see your cards!! I hope you are going to show us :-)

Fuzzy said...

Happy card making
Bev left me some cute lil beaded wire animals she got from her hotel when she stayed in ct and they would look so pretty on a card will take pics and show you maybe your dd can make them too

Valerie said...

It wa sure nice to have a hug from you yesterday!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Brooke!

Thank you for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment. I love to hear from my readers.

I think you're doing great with the scrapping - keep it up!

I was looking up Diamond Lake, as I saw it in your blog... my husband and I love visiting Oregon, we usually wind up there every summer - he's a teacher so has summers off. Did not make it this past year tho... one of our very favorite places we've ever gone is Waldo Lake, have you been? This is one place we will return to for sure!

Nice to visit your blog too.

Warmly, Barb (Mrs. Miles)

Natalie Malan said...

Hi! I was just thinking about you (I just read your comment), and wanted to say thanks so much for all the sweet comments you leave on my blog! You make my day!

Hummie said...

How was the card it Christmas cards?

katg1006 said...

Hi Brooke - Me again :) Just popping in to see how card making went :) Will catch up later!!! (hugs)