Friday, October 12

My Weeds and Wildflower Challenge Layout

I really do like Challenges that push me, that make me try new things. Besides there was NO WAY I was going to let a SWEET freebie like this one get away either!! :)
Dream Metal wire words, Creating Beauty Buttons and wire flowers all by Gina Marie Huff. I tucked the word Dream between two layers of ribbon and down by the photo I used the tail of the word with the star to go into the bow.
I erased part of the pink background paper by Jomi Van Bekkum, ribbons & frame by Danielle Corbitt and put the light background with words on it on the bottom layer by Kris Meyers (it was a free download from way back). To tone down all the pink I used three different edge overlays by Diane Miller. I colored the overlays after reading on Kayla's blog how to do this. Man I have just been using hue and saturation which sometimes is hard to get it 'just right', this made it SO EASY!! I am all about doing things easier and her video tutorial sure simplified things for me! I did the same for the frame around the title which is from the Enchanted set by Erica Hite over at Scrapgirls.
I used parts of Flergs diamond swirls to add some bling to the top ribbon and also used the full swirl down by Kaylie's Mary Janes. The word sweet is one of Shandy Vogt's Assorted Swass brushes, which I simply love to use!
The heart was cut out of paper with a template by Thaty Borges of the Scrapkut team and then I ran Atomic cupcake's Pristine Chipboard action on it.
So I realize for most of you this is sort of 'remedial reading' but for those of us who are just learning and need to know the details, I thought step by step might be helpful. Besides it helps when I write something down for it to actually SINK into my brain! lol
WHEW I don't think I have EVER used as many pieces from different designers before!! But I am happy with the outcome and glad to have another layout finished for Kaylie's book!


Flergs said...

Your page is just beautiful. I'm so glad to see the swirls being used, they look great just as diamonds too. And my little girl is called Kaylee (diff spelling) and would LOVE those shoes, she is already a shoe collector. Really great page, hope you do well in the challenge.

laura P said...

Ohhhhhhhh NICE!!!!
I still don't understand what all that means but hopefully I will learn !!

Good Luck in the challenge.
I'm rooting for ya !

Lucie aka Lemonaid Lucy said...

How did I miss that Gina's freebie, lol! Thanks for the tip!

Hey, Brooke, I read all of it on Friday right after posting on my blog but then I was just falling asleep and didn't want to leave you a one liner. And yesterday my Firefox I'm here now:) The sunrise photos are breathtaking! I'm such a sucker for these kind of photos! You are Mrs. Photographer!!! I just love your outside of the box LO as well, isn't it fun to try something different from time to time?
The Octoberfest must have been so much fun! I must say I'm a bit jealous:) because working together with my hubby is our dream! To be together all the time! And the photos you shot, OMG, love all of them. But especially the one of Mac pressing cider and the hay ride. How did you treat the photos, the colors are awesome! I can understan how Amber feels about her German...I spent 8 years learning Russian and I spoke it almost as well as Czech and now, after 14 years of no practising (Gosh, has it been THAT long???) I can still read, understan but I can't speak:(
Your LO for W&W is soooo darn cute, love all the pink. So those shoes are Mary Janes? I've heard the name but never knew how they look like. She must look supercute in those!

To your questions - no, I didn't think you were crazy when you said you were missing the kids on my blog header. I just thought you were missing the old ones!lol My hubby told me he can't see them on his work comp either, gotta do something about it.
And Eneko is gonna turn 1 year next Sat so he's just about 3 months behind Kaylie:) He's just starting to walk so I guess I'll have to get him some proper they also make Mary Johns?lol

Hey, hope you're having a great end of the weekend and try to relax a bit after your crazy week! Sending some love and can't wait to see another Kaylie's layout, she's so beautiful!


Totally adorable layout and it is just shoes!! She is a girl after my own heart though with her love of shoes!!

Hummie said...

Wow, all your time and effort into this layout was well worth it! It looks fabulous...and I got tired going through the credit list quickly! lol!