Thursday, October 11

These Freebies are just Too Great To MISS!!

Ok so normally I don't post things on my blog like this but Whoa Nelly these are simply
to good to miss!! 1st this one is from the Funky Playground Designs blog
I am sooo doing this one, after all we ALL have women in our lives that have
been Heroes to us in one way or another! I haven't made any layouts of my Mom
since she passed away, I miss her every day! This is one I am going to do for
her, talk about a wonderful role model and truly my Hero.
Although anyone who knew my Mom knows this layout should be done in RED :)

I just adore these flowers, they just jumped out and grabbed me :) Could be partly because
I have a cute little granddaughter that these will always work on layouts for or partly
because I simply LOVE flowers!! Gina is really on a roll with all these wire creations!!

The Meadow and this is the freebie you get created with Weeds and Wildflower designs by the Ikeagoddess! The catch is you have to have it completed by tomorrow but the
challenge is easy and the guidelines are simple (they have to be if I am doing it). lol
Ok that is all the eye candy for this morning :) get to creating!!
hee hee that last little bit was aimed at me too :)

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Hummie said...

I answered your question about the blog carnival on my blog post (so all can see the answers in hopes that more particpate). Thanks for asking the questions! I appreciate that. I am having trouble getting this thing going.

Great finds you shared here too! Great designers they are!