Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving

This is the invite I sent out to all the family for Thanksgiving Dinner. We have a LOT of family and I always want everyone to know they are welcome here :)
So very many things to be thankful for, on this Thanksgiving Day! We get to have little Miss Kaylie Sue ALL DAY. Yep you heard me right, we get her from 10am till 5pm!! WOO HOO, so very excited!
This is the Christmas outfit we picked up for Kaylie on our Vacation, Gotta love Kids Gap outlet stores!! :) But as you can see Kaylie was not really 'into' a photo shoot! This is the best of the bunch, the rest of the photos are of the side of her face or the back of her head! lol But she kept the little cap on all the time and didn't even mess with it. :)

So with this I will head down and put my Turkey in the oven, hope you are all having a wonderful day. Either celebrating Thanksgiving or just being Thankful :) Hugs!


laura P said...

OH, so much to be thankful for is right !

Enjoy your day!

PS Did you see what I got???


Scraps of Bev said...

Hi Brooke what a gorgeous photo doesn't she look so cute in that outfit!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your Turkey meal!!

Love & hugs

Beth said...

Well Happy Thanksgiving to you too Brookster but I already know it was the best Kaylie all day how wonderful for you all was your grammy there also?
Love the photo of Kaylie and she looks darling in red.

laura P said...

can't wait to see all the Turkey day pics. Oh turning off the flash was just a little to EASY !!!

katg1006 said...

OH what a cutie pie!! I so love your invitation how sweet!! I am very glad you got to spend an entire holiday with your granddaughter - that must have made your day! :-)

Hummie said...

Oh my goodness...that outfit is adorable! That would be a great Christmas card.

I have not been blog hopping much either...setting up a site is HARD...spelled H.A.R.D! Giggle.

Deb M. said...

Cute outfit!! Kaylie looks adorable in it. Love the Thanksgiving invite...great job!! TFS!!