Monday, November 26

Kaylie and her Big Bag of Balls

Ok the 'little miss' now knows if she drags the entire bag of balls out she can usually get someone to open them for her. Jada was over the other day and started bringing out the entire bag so ever since that Kaylie thinks it is a really fun plan! Here they are ok, come on someone come open this up for me!
Auntie Amber how can you resist this face.....please Auntie Amber can I have some more :)
Ok now I am armed with one in each hand and I am heading back for more!
This was the fun start to a completely great Day. I have many more pictures to share but this is a good start. Kaylie was just so darn cute in her little denim jumper too. What a good girl she was, I am not kidding she did not fuss at all! The only time she even made ANY kind of a cranky sound was when Daddy would not let her do something she wanted to. And even then it was more of a 'ugh, I really wanted to do that but, OH WELL'!


Anonymous said...

so cute! she is just adorable - never get tired of the cute photos!

laura P said...

How different to have her for a full day vs 2 hours, you really got to see all of what her day is like. She is just adorable, that red hair, she is gonna be a firecracker !!

Hummie said...

oH MY, adorable photos! I can just see that bag of balls spilling everywhere some day, whenever she figures out how to open it herself.

Deb M. said...

Kaylie is just too that red hair. We match!! :o) Thanks for sharing her with us...she's a doll!!


I couldn't resist that face it I tried!! She really is a good little one.