Sunday, November 11

Playing Chase

This photo just made me giggle so I figured it was a good one to scrap. Justin loves to say to Kaylie 'I'm gonna get you' with his hands out in front ready to tickle and oh Kaylie just grins, then takes off running! It is so stinking cute :)
Seeing my Dad in the background of this photo laughing, just made it all the better. Everything stops when Kaylie is here and all our attention is on her. She is growing and changing so quickly, no one wants to miss a moment.
Credits are:
Flerg's (Megan) - Diamond swirls
Jackie Eckles - Gold paper
Lori Barnhurst - Stitches
Kate Teague - sewn blooms
KSharonK Designs - Note paper
Mary Ann Wise - double take Giggle
Natasha - Retro acid
Vera Lim - Magic (Swirlie's & Stardust)


Hummie said...

Oh, how you did that title just tops off this great layout!...the photo speaks for itself, but the title tops it off.

laura P said...

Good to see you yesterday, have a fun trip!!

Beth said...

Wonderful layout Brooke and I just love listening to you describe what Kaylie is doing.
She is such a sweetie

Gillian said...

Can you blame everyone for stopping everything when she's around? She's so darned cute! I can see why you're all smitten ;)

Flergs said...

I LOVE this page. The cluster swirly thingy's at the bottom left of the photo look amazing. And your colours are brilliant. You get better and better with every layout. And Kaylie is cuter and cuter too! Great job.

Deb M. said...

I love this layout, Brooke!! Kaylie is adorable & your layout is perfect. Love everything about it!! :o)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today...I added the info on the tiles, if you want to check it out. :o)

Christine Smith said...

adorable page! thanks for popping in on my blog and leaving a comment for me :)

Susie said...

what a beautiful layout! love it!