Monday, January 7

A new look

Why is it whenever I change my header it seems that everything else wants to switch around too? GOOD GRIEF!

Oh well I love these photos of Justin and Kaylie. She LOVES to be held upside down and to be tickled so both of these are photos that just make my heart smile :)

I used TON of stuff on this one

Credits are:

Carrie Bombria - Stitching Cinnamon Nutmeg

Flergs - Glitter Style

Gina Cabrera - Extreme_Grunge_Paper_Pack & Glitter Frames with Flergs Glitter style

Jeannette Gaidecki - Sally kit

Kate Hadfield - Festive rubber bands & staples

Michelle Coleman - Little Dreamer Designs Painted Hearts

Natasha Whiteley - Clock face

Shandy Vogt - Vintage Florals recolored

Tracy Ann Digital Art -Frippery Mix & Bits & Music & Dollar Flowers

Ursula Schneider - Grunge Guru



Those are really cute pictures of J and Kaylie! Man she is growing up fast! She is really starting ot look like a little girl and not a baby!!

katg1006 said...

Brooke love your new blog cute!!!

Gina said...

Nice blog header but I make no secret of my weakness for glitter! ;)

Hummie said...

I like your new header, I'm not seeing the sidebar right now!