Friday, February 22


Love watching the learning process and how you and Jada play, not quite together but almost! :) You are just so intrigued, watching what Jada is going to do next! I just want to scoop you both up and smooch on you, but I know you both just wanna play! Paul and I are in San Francisco right now at the Master Nursery Garden Center's 50th Anniversary. Pretty cool to belong to a co-op of independent garden centers, lots of sharing ideas and a wine tour too! Gotta grab the fun when we can since the 'Season' is almost upon us :)

Credits are:

Flowers & Glitter by Flergs (Megan)

Paper by Franziska from Love Actually Free collaboration of some great designers

Template by Kristie at Scrapmatters

Girlfriends stamp by Katie Pertiet from Designer Digitals

Date paper by Monique from the brag book

date stamp & Flourish by Jen Wilson

Font: Tall Paul


laura P said...

Enjoy while you can, learned so much at Karen's Photography class, and had a fun time at Shady Cove Mini retreat.
Talk to ya soon

Lauren said...

This is such an adorable layout. I love the colors and the "action" shots.

crzymom said...

Oh my... I was looking at Kaylie's picture in your header and noticed how much she looks like you girlfriend! Love the layout too.

miyon said...

Hi, Brooke! :) Thanks for saying thanks at my . lol Love your layout here!! (((hugs)))