Friday, March 21

Cheesy Grin!

Kaylies new thing is a funny Cheesy Grin that always makes us laugh! I got this set of photos the other day that just steps you thru her process, Cracks me up!

1st here she is looking at me, like What are you Doing Grami?
2nd on to' Oh you are going to take a photo of me' well that is good,
I will give you a...... Big goofy Cheesy Grin! Oh this make us laugh every time!
We are going to to an Egg Hunt on Saturday and I am way more excited about it than Kaylie is! Oh the Photos!! WOO HOO! lol


katg1006 said...

Awwwww she is such a cutie and that last picture is priceless! ((hugs)) I hope you have a fabulous easter can't wait to see the Easter Egg hunt! :)

laura P said...

How fun, will Justin have her Sunday too?

Can't wait to see all the egg hunt pics !


This photo sequence makes me giggle to myself every time I see it. I have it printed out and taped to my computer monitor at work and man I needed it last week! Takes the stress off my mind for a moment anyway...

Lauren said...

Too cute! Love the photos.