Monday, July 7

2008 Garden

Finally I am back! WHEW now to catch up!
Here is Justin rototilling the ground for our corn patch. We really need a bigger tiller but we have so dang many rocks. I figure each year it will be a little bit better. Ok, well we ended up renting a tiller because the little one we have just bounced around on top of the ground! lol Notice how Fleeta is watching Justin, I swear if we let her out she would follow Justin around like a puppy!
I Planted 6 rows of corn so we ended up with 50-60 stalks, I am hoping for better success than last year! Isn't my garden helper a cutie :)
We planted 8 tomatoes this year, crazy I know but I wanted to try some different varieties.a Goliath that Harold Simons gave us
a sweet 100 Cherry tomato
a Sungold cherry tomatoes (these are so sweet they are like Garden Candy)!! I circled the ones that are almost ripe, they really are a golden color and oh so yummy!Heritage tomatoes:
Brandywine, does anyone else think this tomato plant is odd looking? The leaves do not even look like a tomato plant.
Now this is a normal tomato leaf!Black Russian
Purple Cherokee
Green Zebra I don't remember how many peppers total but these are the varieties
Banana Peppers - Serrano - Thai Hot - Habanero - Jalapeno - Cayenne
a couple of pumpkins
3 burp less cucumbers
2 Lemon Cucumbers
3 or 4 Cantaloupe
3 or 4 watermelon
1 Honeydew

1 Delicata Squash because I was talking with a customer who said I would love this squash, so I told him I would plant it and let him know! lol Something is chewing on it and that totally ticks me off! We just sprayed with Dr Earth (all natural) So I hope that will take care of the nibbling. Plus we needed to spray for the cucumber beetles cause they are thick this year.
Edited to Add: To my GREAT disappointment my Delicata Squash turned out to be a zucchini and I DO NOT LIKE ZUCCHINI!! I double checked the label and it says Delicata, so I am hoping this was a freak mistake by the grower and I truly hope no one else got the wrong squash from the nursery!! YIKES bad enough for me to be disappointed but for someone else to, that would be awful. We did plant a bunch in the nursery garden so if anyone else got the wrong squash at least they can have a couple of the right ones!!
I think we should have a BUMPER CROP THIS YEAR !!
This was the corn patch this morning, it is almost up to my waist!
Who is ready for some fresh produce??
Well besides this little muncher, she loves fresh fruit and fresh veggies!


Jodi said...

Nice to see you are back. I planted that Brandywine tomato this year because last year my friend planted it and it is the most amazing tomato to eat! Cant wait, but the other day when I went out to the garden, I paused for a moment and said to myself, What the heck is wrong with the leaves on that tomato plant? Then I realized it was the different variety. It is a bit wierd looking.

Beth said...

Oh my goodness you have a awesome garden there my friend and that little carrot top is a true beauty how sweet she looks among the plants.
We had our first corn on Sat. out of ours just waiting for some fresh tomatoes now.

Rachel said...

FUN!!! I love all your yummy veggie pics...and the one of your daughter (I'm assuming) at the end is precious!

Anonymous said...

I have missed your blog!! I love your garden and your little helper - the comment that the horse would follow Justin around and that she actually would is just so sweet! Looking forward to more posts!

Trisha said...

You are so ambitious! I couldn't even get my strawberries to sprout up!

laura P said...

I have miss you my friend....

Let me know when you have so much produce you need to leave it on your neighbors porch in the middle of the night....I will come take some off your hands.

Lets get together soon.


I didn't realize how much you planted this year!! WOW! One more mouth to feed though and she does love her fruits and veggies! Such a good eater and man she melts my heart when I tell her I love her and she says I love you back!

Audrey said...

Hi Brooke! You're such an inspiration! I got as far as 2 tomato plants, a few pumpkin vines, and a big pot of various herbs this year.

We're off to the Valley View kids club in a little bit, speaking of pumpkins - Barrett and his little buddy are looking forward to seeing how big the patch they planted at the nursery is getting!