Tuesday, July 22

Camping Weekend

While I was packing up the Motorhome, things were moving along like clockwork until I found 3, let me repeat 3 stinking wasp nests right around the door to the motorhome!
EWWWW....oh my I truly do not like bugs of any kind and really not the kind that stings! I got out the wasp spray and gave them each a good dousing. But I could only do one at a time because the wasps came out a swarming! YIKES I am sure it would have been quite a show to watch as I ran like a crazy woman from the little buggers!

Here we are headed down the road on our Camping weekend, with the view of Mt Thielsen. The sky was so clear and blue it was wonderful to see blue sky again after all the Smoke we have been dealing with in the valley!!
Down a side road past the Diamond Lake turn off , (how's this for a guided tour of our ENTIRE TRIP!)loland there is the sign for Poole Creek Campground. Sorry it is so blurry but moving thru the window that is as good as I could get! lol

The park was almost empty because they had a problem with Algae earlier in the week but had since let some water out of the dam (where the algae was) so it was completely fine. I think people were still worried that it was bad but it was never even a real issue. Lucky for us because we had the pick of the campground.We were thrilled to get site #2 which is our favorite cause you have such a great view of part of the lake.Since they had let some water out it make for nice large sandy beaches too! Here we are just enjoying the sun and the lake, relaxing! WONDERFUL!! I had to merge these two photos since there was nobody to take a photo of us together so don't look to closely! lol Besides I can't believe I am posting a photo of me in my swim suit! YIKES
Ok I am sure that is overload for today, I will post more later! :)


laura P said...

Oh you have given me a little reprieve from my boring life... I feel like I am right there with you .....

(merging photo's , you are a genius)

Lauren said...

Fabulous photos. Very serene. Great photo merge. You really did a fabulous job.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for takign off and getting some well deserved R&R! Remind me sometime to tell you the story about HOW my FRUGAL dh learned that it was good to listen to his wife and spend money on Wasp spray...Still laughing about that one!

Deb M. said...

Beautiful photos!! Looks like so much fun...glad you were able to get away for a while. It's fun to relax and enjoy the outdoors...we've been doing some of that ourselves. The boxes are going to have to wait for a while. :o) I have a blog award for you when you get a chance to stop by. TFS for the pretty photos...love visiting your blog!!

Yawle Pop said...

hi there. Found you via digitreats. I have a huge wasp nests between a pair of pillars on the front porch, would you like to come spray them for me? Pretty please? Camping trip looked like fun and you did a great job merging the beach scene.