Wednesday, July 23

Yellow wildflowers

The view as I was leaving the house this morning. I have no idea what kind of flowers these are. Ok, I know because we have a nursery I SHOULD know EVERY PLANT, but I don't lol!! I do enjoy their beauty though. I love the little burgundy ring around the center too. God is such an amazing artist.
These also close up at night, such an interesting little beauty that must be tough as nails cause they get no water and we drive our quad over them!

As you can see the smoke is not nearly as bad today! YIPEE
More on our camping trip later


laura P said...

Pretty..... You probably don't know what they are because I think they are a "WEED"..... You only sell "FLOWERS"

Lauren said...

Thank goodness the smoke is clearing. Your photos are fabulous! TFS!

Jaime said...

Beautiful flowers! I wish I had a field like that near me!

katg1006 said...

Hi Brooke! Wow that is pretty!!! I don't know if you know but DSSA closed :( I have a new blog so I hope you will come visit me so we can stay in touch :)

Flergs said...

Hey! I have been emailing you. I just thought I better let you know, in case the email addy has changed.

Hope to hear from you soon!