Tuesday, August 5

Sunrise in Cherry Hill New Jersey

Here we are in Cherry Hill New Jersey and this is the sunrise out our window of the hotel. This is over the town so I just need to let ya know it is not quite as beautiful a view as this makes it look. I know I am totally spoiled because of the view from home! lol I am sure there are many beautiful views out here, just not from our hotel window! :)

It is 6:45 and we are getting ready to head down to breakfast before we go on the Nursery tours. A little early for us west coasters since it is only 3 stinking 45 in the morning! Oh well we are up and ready for an adventure. I just picked up a new 4GB card for my camera so I should be set!

I love having Internet in the hotel, makes me feel like I am closer to home.


Anonymous said...

So pretty! I love this photo and I can't wait to see your other pics from this adventure!


Have fun taking pictures!! I'll be painting tonight so hopefully I will have an update for my blog tomorrow!

laura P said...

Ohhh have a fun time !!!
See you soon I hope

katg1006 said...

Brooke...phooey you are less then half hour away from me :( I hope you are having a blast!!

Lauren said...

Great photo! I hope you are having fun in Jersey.

Hummie said...

Goodness...that cicular glare you captured is awesome.