Sunday, August 3

Kaylie talk

I started this post a couple of months ago because I want to get these words down before I forget.
One of the 1st 'big' words Kaylie learned was Fleeta, she loves Justin's horse and would stand at the window hollering Feeeeaa. She is ALWAYS ready to go take Fleeta a few carrots. :)
Instead of saying yes she says yashhhh, when you ask her 'Can you say' (insert any word you want) 9 times out of 10 she will say Yashhhh instead of the actual word!

She now calls Justin Dadeee instead of DaDa, it is so cute.
Sometimes she will say ha-low instead of hi.
She calls Auntie Amber Ah-mor, but mostly I ask her if she can say Auntie Amber and she says Yashh
She got so excited to see Amber's little dog (who wants NOTHING to do with Kaylie) Morial, she starts patting her leg and calling Morn-yal.
When you say something is ouchie she always wants to kiss it. I was telling her the star thistle has stickers and is owie, so she leans over to give it a kiss! Luckily I caught her quick enough!! I had her lightly touch the sticker to see it was poky but I am not 100% sure she got it!
We are starting to put her in a chair for time out, she will sit there and say no no no no. It makes it hard to not laugh so I usually have to 'work' on something to keep my face turned away. I don't want her to think it is a game but oh my gosh she is so cute!! lol
She started saying love you back to you when you tell her you love her, which is something she hears often! lol I about melted the 1st time I heard it. But she says it like zaaa zoo and not z like zeee but z as in Zia Zia Gabor (Thanks Amber for helping me figure that one out)
When she sees and Airplane she says airpne, sometimes when she sees a big hawk or vulture she will say airpne too! lol


Trisha said...

What a cutie! It is amazing when they can start to communicate. Elise isn't anywhere near that many words but when she looks at me and says 'mama' it just melts my heart. Way to go Kaylie!

laura P said...

Oh she is just the sweetest little thing, and growing up way to fast....

Hope we can get together soon... miss ya

Anonymous said...

So cute - and i love that you wrote this down - in time that is going to be priceless!

Lauren said...

She's just so adorable.


This is the best post yet, I am smiling the whole time as I read it! This will be one of those posts that we will always look back on and smile! I love all her little words!!