Tuesday, September 23

Our Anniversary 31 Great Years!!

Dinner at Callahan's is sort of a tradition here in the Valley. One of those places you can go in a formal or in shorts and be fine, how that works I don't know, I just know it works. This was our 1st time back after they re-opened, It burned completely down last year and it took some time to re-build. Mostly I think the time was taken up by getting permits but in the long run they have done a great job. Very similar to the old lodge but yet quite different.
I had to laugh at our picture, we sort of have a deer in the headlights look! I ran totally rad action Yin/Yang on this to darken the background. I love those actions and the fact that Doug has tutorials on his website on how to use them!
One little bit of Mushy, I have to say I LOVE this man :)

Ken Hart sang wonderfully, soft and nice background.

Not to loud but loud enough that you could understand the words.

He sang a song to us about doing all over again and still

choosing each other.

I actually got a little choked up

Had to take a picture of the sign, just makes me smile to see it all bright again!

Tomorrow, Kaylie's new 'Hiding' skills! lol


Deb M. said...

Happy Anniversary Brooke & Paul. I wish you many, many more years of happiness together. Callahan's looks like a neat place. Love the photo of you, too...such a cute couple. :o) I'm going to have to check those actions...you have used some cool ones lately.


Beth said...

Okay are you going to take me to this cool looking place when and if I ever get out there, love the new do ;-) Great pictures and I am so glad you and Paul had such a wonderful anniversary GF

Lauren said...

Happy, happy, happy anniversary! Looks like a wonderful resort.


You guys are so cute together! It makes me so happy to see and proves there is hope for the life-long, happily married couples!!

The Clarks said...

How fun ~ you guys look great!

laura P said...

Oh you crazy kids , Happy Anniversary !!! Is this one more thing you and I have in common?? My wedding ann is Sept 23, 19 years .....