Saturday, September 20

Our Coast Trip & Kaylie at the Beach (Finally)!

Here are a tiny few of the HUGE amount of photos I took on our Coast Weekend. Our 1st time with Kaylie at the beach and she had a BLAST!Starting out the trip with a good nap is always a great way to fuel up!
Because she hit the beach at FULL SPEED! She was totally hilarious, she simply could not decide which way to RUN! it was a beautiful day, shorts and sweatshirts with lots of sun and no wind!
She kept us hopping with her running around like a little crazy person. You can't see him but Paul is just to the right of her in this photo. The ocean is nothing to mess around with, we kept pretty close tabs on her.

She found a ummm 'beautiful' rock which of course we had to bring home! lol

Grandpa is showing her what is inside a shell, or what was left of something inside a shell. As you can see she thinks it is quite fascinating! Or at least for those 3 seconds she stood still.

She loved putting her feet in the water, but not the water coming up her legs. She is so darn short that it didn't take much for her to end up wet.

Is there anything in the world more joyous than a child's smile? Oh if we could all just keep that level of joy and not let the worries of the day to day grind get to us.

I think this is the last shot we got before that sneaker wave got us all wet!

I used Karen Russell brushes on all my photos. You can pick them up at Polka Dot Potato

and I used Totally Rad Actions, I can't seem to get along with out them anymore! lol

That's it for now, I really need to get out on the tractor and start mowing. We are wanting to get the entire place mowed one last time for the year! - Later Gaters


Country Liv . . . said...

How beautiful! Kaylie's smile is contagious for sure! Your photos are perfect and I'm so glad y'all got to get away from the rebuild for a while. I need you to teach me how to photograph! I can scrap, just can't point and shoot worth a gnat's butt!

Deb M. said...

I am so excited to see the new photos, Brooke. OMGosh...Kaylie just gets more adorable each time I see her. She looks so excited & happy. I love the Oregon coast, too...I act just like Kaylie does...running up & down the beach. LOL! Last time I was there it was so windy, but I loved it anyway. Looks like ya'll had a blast...thanks so much for sharing the photos with us. Beautiful usual. :o)

Don't work too hard mowing.


laura P said...

You got some great pics ....Love them, can't wait to see more....

The Clarks said...

I love it!!! It must have been such a blast watching her, kids always make things 10 times more enjoyable.


Finally - a post of Kaylie at the coast! Man she is so cute, she was really fun but I missed her at the beach so I was dying to see the photos. She is really active!! Remind you of anyone?

Lauren said...

Super cute photos. I love the beach - but I'm spoiled. It's right down the street. Glad to hear you guys had a blast.

Beth said...

OMG how adorable is Kaylie Brooke you really captured her excitement loved all of the pic's what a special birthday that was for you.
Oh BTW Happy Anniversary to you and Paul