Thursday, February 26

A quick layout for Valentine's Day

A quick layout for Valentines day! LOVE the frame cluster by Dani Mogstad, wish I could cluster like that!
We had a fun Evening with the little missy, her Daddy got her a 'little Pony' to add to her collection. Her reaction was 'ahhhh tuoote' which is Kaylie talk for Ahhh Cute. :) This was on Thursday because this was not our weekend with Kaylie, so we just celebrated a little early.

Paul and I went out to dinner to a new place for us and it was YUMMY. BBQ the kind your mouth just waters for plus a bonus was the band our neighbor is in just happened to be playing! SCORE!! It was a nice and different evening for us, we rarely go out alone :) and I forgot my camera! :( oh well it was fun and you just have to take my word for it! lol

Credits are:
Taylor made - wordart
Dani Mogstad_valentine cluster
Flergs distressed edges
Kikis Digital cafe freebie - distressed overlay
Polka Dot Plum - journal piece


Faith said...

aOh Brooke... I just love coming to your blog and seeing all the pictures of Kaylie... makes me smile and laugh out loud!!! What a sweetie!!!

Love ya,

Lauren said...

Brooke! This is just darling. I love the colors. She's just an adorable little girl.

The Clarks said...

Your layouts are always so adorable! When we finally make it back up there to visit I HAVE to meet Kaylie, she sounds like such a hoot!

Beth said...

Adorable Brooke I love the look on Kaylie's face actually she lloks like she is getting ready to blow a kiss.