Monday, March 23

2009 P365 the beginning!

I never posted this 1st layout, it was supposed to go in a online digi issue but they ended up not doing the issue so I can post it now :) I think it is going to be really cool to look back at this P365 project in years to come!

So here is the Beginning of my P365 project:

Credits are:
Kayla Lamoreaux - Template and dates
Sue Cummings - Word Art - Paper & Tabbed note
Misty Cato - Your smile makes me smile
Jenn Wilson - Flourish
Katie Hadfield - staple
Christina Renee - French Countryside paper & Stitching
Jenn Caputo - border
KSK Designs - Note paper



I love the bird! Too bad they didn't put your layout in the online version. They are missing out!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Thanks Amber! :) They didn't end up doing that online issue at all. So I still can't say I've been published! lol

Lauren said...

This is so fun! You guys had quite the adeventure. Sorry the mag canceling the pub! It's agreat that you can share it though.

crzymom said...

These are wonderful layouts! I'm so glad you were able to post the beginning of your project. So sorry you didn't get published.

Beth said...

As always Brooke great pages I so enjoy reading yours and Ann 365 pages I feel like I am right there with you and that sky oh how gorgeous. And BTW you should have been published they were missing out on some real talent.

Deb M. said...

Love these layouts. Your work is always so amazing..I'm sure you will be published soon. :-)