Tuesday, March 31

MOOSH Grandpa!

Kaylie came up with the word Moosh, it is her word for smash. So when they all piled on Grandpa she kept saying MOOSH G'mpa, all the while we are laughing so hard we can hardly breathe! lol
Yes this photo is clear back from Christmas :) lol

Credits are:
TaylorMade Template
TaylorMade word art
Gina Cabrera paper


laura P said...

OH How Cute !!!

crzymom said...

Too funny! I love this so much. Looks as though everyone was having a mooshing time!

Beth said...

Fun Fun Fun layout Brooke but poor Paul;-)


I love Kaylie words! This is a very sweet layout! I can't help but smile.

Deb M. said...

So cute, Brooke!! Love this layout!! Mooshing looks like too much fun. :-)