Monday, March 2

Pumpkin Scooping :)

Here is a layout from our Pumpkin Carving Day, I actually found quite a few layouts I had never posted. Silly me :)

Journaling reads:
EEWWW SICK! Was your 1st reaction to scooping out the pumpkin! You just cracked us up, this was your 1st Pumpkin Carving and you were so much fun! At first you looked at the pumpkin your Daddy had cut open like he was crazy if he thought you were going to stick your hand in that and scoop out the innards! lol But it sure didn’t take long before you were right in the middle of it.

Your Daddy would do the scraping and the you would Scoop out the goo! Just look at the concentration on your face you even have your lip all scrunched up! Each time you came home one of the 1st things you wanted to do was see your ‘bum pk bin’ and light the candle. You truly are such a joy in our lives.

Credits are:
TaylorMade In Retrospect Kit
Sue Cummings Word Art
Natali Designs Brush
Fei Fei's Stuff Crazy Beautiful
Paisley Press Frame


crzymom said...

The pictures and journaling are awesome Brooke! Love this layout.

The Clarks said...

Too cute! Elise wasn't into scooping out the pumpkin either, but she was all about taking a bit bite out of the top! Kids are so silly :)

Deb M. said...

So cute!! Love the journaling & photos. She is so adorable. More priceless layouts. :-)


Lauren said...

That is a great story! I love the layout and the earth tone colors.

Beth said...

Oh how sweet love the way you captured Kaylie and Justin working on those pumpkins.