Sunday, March 8

Sunshine :)

I love this wild hair child! When she wakes up she has some of the craziest hairstyles. lol You have to give her some time and space before you try to fix it too or you have one cranky kid. Just give her enough time and you have a happy kid. Here she is watching one of her Movies as she slowly wakes up.Credits are:
Monday's Child kit by Tracy Mayo and Stacey Crossley
Wordart by TaylorMade
Overlay by Jenn Wilson


Beth said...

As always adorable Brooke but how can you lose with such a sweet subject to scrap about.;-)

crzymom said...

What a cutie pie! Love how you laid everything out.


I love her wild hair and her cute little smile. Let me guess, she is watching Care Bears!! LOL!

Lauren said...

This is super cute Brooke. I love the bright colors and the photo is terrific.