Wednesday, August 5

Jessica Sprague's Class Day 3

More fun with Jessica's class, sure am glad I can go back and do it 'after the fact'! lol I LOVE this shot of Kaylie 'Driving' the tractor, they are barely moving but she is turning the wheel so she is driving. She is in the 'watch me' stage now so I kept hearing watch me drive the tractor Nami!!

Auntie Amber reading to Kaylie, who you can tell just woke up from her nap(Kaylie that is lol)

Kaylie running around like a crazy girl!


Beth said...

Hey GF great pictures love the difference in the colors looks as if you are having lots of fun with this class.

crzymom said...

Love the photos you chose to try out this technique. Kaylie has gotten sooo big!

Janie aka Jane, Juana said...

I'm loving the different colors better than the traditional?

What's up with your eye?