Saturday, August 8

Swim Suit Cutie Pie

I sing 'She wore a itsy bitsy teeny weeny PINK polka dot Bikini' to her every time she puts on her swim suit, she thinks it is pretty funny! Credits:
Most everything by Sue Cummings
Photo Mask - Color Blocks - Background Paper - Flowers
Stamp by Fei Fei's Stuff
Date stamp - Jen Wilson
Font - Brown Bear Funk

We are taking off for a business trip so once again I will be MIA. Thanks for the prayers for my eye, so far it is still the same and I am spending very little time on the computer. No scrapping which is driving me CRAZY. I did this layout way before my eye started acting up.

We are looking forward to the trips this month but good grief I would be nice to have them spaced out a bit further apart! :) We stay home most of the time and then August hits and Ka-BOOM! lol Oh well it is always fun to see new things and to reconnect with old friend! - Later Gators!!


laura P said...

What is wrong with your eye????

Lauren said...

Super cute! Love the picture. I hope your eye is doing better.

crzymom said...

Hey girlfriend, what is wrong with your eye? How come I didn't hear about it. Praying for you!!! The layout sure is cute.