Monday, August 24

New York Fun

Just popping in to say Hi for a minute! This was a dinner cruise we took while we were in New Jersey. Oh MY GOSH, it was a WONDERFUL evening and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is headed to the Big Apple. The cruise line is the Bateaux and this made for a perfect evening! Glass top boat so the views were spectacular no matter where you were setting!!
Rarely do John (Paul's brother) Cynthia (our Sister-in-Law), Paul and I ever get our picture taken together. It was nice to have some time to enjoy each other's company!A Group of us who see each other once or twice a year so it is always nice to catch-up!

It was a warm but overcast evening so it was really hard to get a clear photo of our Lady Liberty

The Brooklyn Bridge, my brother has always called me Brooklyn so it was fun to see this bridge!

Getting close to the bridge was amazing, especially to think of the craftsmanship that went into building it!

LOVED this tugboat! I played a little with some actions to give it a more aged look.

This is looking backwards and it is not the Brooklyn Bridge but I am not quite sure which one it was.

WOW this was just spectacular to see, the Empire State Building at night with the light reflecting off the clouds! AMAZING

Ok, so I admit I totally got tears in my eyes when they played God Bless America as we stopped to pay tribute to our history here. WOW it was really something!

I did not get a really great shot of our boat, but this sort of shows you just how small it was. This trip was truly a trip to remember.


crzymom said...

What an awesome trip Brooke! Looks as though you had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

its so nice to see all of you together off the job . it's about time you had some fun

laura P said...

Awww wonderful pictures, sure miss you, we need to spend sometime catching up !

Beth said...

Hey GF what did you think of NY big different from what you are use to isn't it.
They are some great pictures you have enjoyed looking at all of them and seeing you and Paul.

Lauren said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing your adventure Brooke!!

Janie aka Jane, Juana said...

Was this your first trip to the Big Apple? I have not checked your blog all summer thinking you probably didn't post because you've been busy.
I think that was the Triboro Bridge, links Manhattan to Queens.
You got some great shots!