Wednesday, May 23

Baby Blocks

These are the baby blocks I was talking about the other day. I love the way they turned out. The color is like the top photo, I have no idea why my color is so weird in the bottom one.

These are for my niece Jill and her husband Taylor, they are expecting their 1st baby and I heard she is decorating the baby's room in green and Brown. So I thought these would work for them. You can either put them on the wall or just set them on a dresser. Love that basic grey paper!! I have another set to do for my niece Cristin who will be bringing Carson into the world on FRIDAY!! Keep them in your prayers! :)

Other than that I am pretty boring, just working, working, working!


laura P said...

NICE, really love the idea of those colors in a nursery(baby's room) hehehahaaaa remember when I thought you were buying teak furniture for (baby's room) the NURSERY (plant store) I am still a little rummy, only a half day today and then long weekend with my sister and family !!!!

Carma said...

So chic. Great paper on these letters, love them.