Monday, May 21

Sunspot - Rainbow Spot or WHAT??

So have you ever seen anything like this? It was on Friday May 18th, so it was totally beautiful and hot. Not misty at all and here in the middle of the sky was a straight chunk of rainbow!

I had to grab my camera because I was afraid no one would believe me! lol

Really this was simply stunning in it's beauty. But I do have to tell ya, Paul and I just watched the move 'Day after tomorrow' and I was wondering if huge chunks of ice were suddenly going to come crashing down out of the sky! It's the movie where the weather gets all weird due to global warming. Strange move but some really good actors!

Don't know what caused this but it was really cool and I do know that God is such an amazing artist! Love it, just love it!!

Had a super fun weekend with Amber, we scrapped with some friends over at Laura's place (thanks again Laura) and then ended the day with a facial body shop party. I always have fun when I spend the day with my kiddo!

Lots of good times even though I really didn't get much done except for a baby gift for little miss Jill who is going to have a boy. Actually both my nieces who are preggo are having boys. Both girls are going to be really good Mom's too. They will give their kids strong Christian foundations, which is just awesome! :)


laura P said...

Whatever it is , it was sent for you to enjoy !!!
Don't you love it when you are actually in the right place at the right time ......

Carma said...

I just found myself looking at this photo for a very long time, I was totally take'n by it. Oh ya and I am going to have to give miss Laura a hard time for not inviting me to the scrapbook day at her house ;} Still love her anyway and her new ink is pretty cool...