Tuesday, May 15

Saturday before Mother's Day we had the 'Kids Club' at our Nursery. We own a retail Nursery which has been a family business since we started it in 1979. Man we were just babies when we started! ha ha

Check out this cool Dude :)

Anyway, we started the kids club in March and had 10 kids, in April we had around the same but this month we had 25 KIDS!! WOO HOO I finally got the permission slips for everyone to sign so I could post some photos of the day. I love watching kids get inspired, no matter what it is that inspires them!
She is so intent on creating, I just love it!!

They each decorated a planter and chose a plant to plant in it.
Gotta love the orange apron on this little guy and could this little one be any cuter :)

I am sure I had more fun than the kids!

We are going to do our next one the Saturday before Father's Day, which is also our 28th anniversary of being in business!

I think I will try and get a group photo next time with their 'finished' creations!

This cute kid drew a cactus and scorpions(YIKES) on his planter. Really, really creative

And his little sister was about as sweet as they come.

Yep I had a blast and hope the kids did too!


Debby said...

What fun! They all look so pleased with there work.

If I could keep the rabbits and the gofers out of my garden &@#*#@XXX
I walk by and I have 6 tomato plants come back and only 5. Have you seen those cartoons where the gofer pulls the plants under ground? Well it is happening to my plants!!! The rabbit likes my green beans!!!!

Jill said...

Aw man, I wish we lived closer, the boys would love that!! Looks like tons of fun...

crzymom said...

Wow, I've missed a lot of your posts! So sorry girlfriend! Looks as though you had a wonderful time at your kids club. Wish we lived closer for my kids to go. We're not having a garden this year. It is just too hard without any help from my hubby. All your layouts about Kaylie are precious!

Lucie aka Lemonaid Lucy said...

Hey Brooke, how are you doing? Fun LO, I love it! And great pictures too! Have a great weekend!

Carma said...

This was so much fun...The Boys along with my Mom and Myself had so much fun at the Mothers Day Project...I am also happy to report that the projects are still alive and doing well. If you have not a had a chance to partack, you are missing out. Thank you Brooke and we look forward to the next one...Love you girlfriend