Sunday, July 1

Baby Birds

We noticed these baby birds from our upstairs bathroom window on June 25th. Funny that had not seen them earlier but I guess that is God's Camaflouge at work! Oh my gosh how much fun this has been for us to get such a close view of them.

They are Western Kingbirds and I only know that because I Googled them. lol My Mom was the real birder and now of course since she is gone, I so wish I had paid closer attention.

But they only stay in the nest for 10-14 day before they are ready to fly off! How CRAZY is that. All have flown away and back except for one that is having some problems getting off the branch. I am hoping it takes off soon.
ETA: They all made it out of the nest yesterday and this morning they are all gone! :( Funny, but I miss them! I really don't know much about bird and didn't realize that they would not be coming back at all! Poopers! Oh well now to watch the turtledove in the tree off the deck :)

This layout is for Bren Taylor Boone's color challenge. Man I really want her 4th of July kit!

I did some Digi shopping today and if anyone is thinking about getting Shandy Vogt's Grab bag, all I can say is RUN, I tell you Run do not walk to get it. It is worth WAY more than the $2 and that cool journal box is from it. Ok so I just gave part of it away but that is just a teaser!!

Credits are:
Shandy Vogt - Scalloped Edge Template - Swass words journaling box & Swass Swirls

Jessica Sprague's - Beautiful You kit (papers) that was a NSD Freebie from Creating Keepsakes and her grunge photo template from one of her awesome Photoshop Friday's.


laura P said...

Beautiful layout,
Hey by the way , what kind of external hard drive do you have, going to get one.

Shandy said...

hey Brooke! what a fun experience that must have been with the birds! loved reading about it and your LO is just simply awesome! got it for my SHINES (if you'd like me to use it :)

also THANKS for the sweet words you wrote about my designs :)
I'm all uplifted and such now!

amber said...

They all look so cute lined up so close together! Nice layout!! Funny how you miss them by simply watching them for a few days. Must be a mothering thing!

Kayla said...

They are so beautiful - I love the layout and your photos are awesome! I had to run to Shandy's and pick up her grab bag because of you too! Thanks for the info!

Andrea (Andilynn Designs) said...

Hi Brooke--Love this layout! Can't believe how sweet those baby birds are. They just blend in with nature.

Debby said...

I am so happy to see baby birds. This is sad but most of the nest that were around our place have been blown out by storms. I tried to save two and it was working for 3 days but we had a hard rain and we lost them. Nature has a way of taking care of it's self I guess but I sure wish they had made it. Beautiful pictures.

Collage II is up on the freebie blog if you want to take a look.
Have a good day!

lissylee said...

hey I just saw on the digi shoppe that you were trying to post this to the gallery for the challenge but were having problems... I've had that before.... try uploading without adding all the wording for the elements etc.... then once it's uploaded go to your pict and near the bottom there's a "edit photo" button.... click that and then paste in your wording. It seems that when there's lots of typing it won't load... that should work...
good luck and cute page by the way!

Tink said...

Beautiful layout and photos. My mom's the birder too :) She keeps several pairs of binoculars on her porch and has the whole backyard set up as a bird sanctuary.