Wednesday, August 15

Gardening Bliss!

Ok I am so excited to report in on my garden. We had our 1st Cantaloupe last night and can I just say 'OH MY GOSH' It was sooooo good. Now I have to say I really like cantaloupe anyway but this was nothing like what you buy in the store! We were all sitting around the table making noises about how good it was. I will grow them every year from now on!

We have been having lots of Cucumbers and tomatoes too, I just love fresh from the garden food. Although I have to admit not very many of the little orange 'Sun Gold' Cherry tomatoes make it into the house. I seem to eat most of them right there on the spot as I am picking. Seriously like 20-25 at a time!

The Watermelon is coming along too, don't know when it will be ready, right now it is larger than 2 cantaloupes put together. Did you know when the cantaloupe is ripe it 'slips' off the vine? Yep my MIL told be it would just fall off the vine and into your hand and that is exactly what it did. Pretty cool huh

Ok, just had to share some photos of the cantaloupe and Cucumbers. :)

I wrote this before we left for our trip to Philadelphia so if I had some time I could do a little blogging. OH MY GOSH we had one of those flights that you hear about!! 1st we are in the Salt Lake City airport and they are saying 10 people need to volunteer to not board because the flight is TO HEAVY!! Come on now, how long have they been doing this, tell me they don't know when they overbook!! Then we finally take off our next stop is Minneapolis and there is only one stinking runway in service!! So we circle for a bit until we no longer have enough fuel and have to go to Sioux Falls to refuel. Then back to Minneapolis to circle LONGER, yep just long enough for us to miss our flight. No other flights are leaving for Philly so we 'get' to stay in a dumpy hotel overnight. Missing the main event here in Philly, ya know the one we came for! YEP can you believe it! A 2 hour flight ended up 2.5 hours. We were supposed to arrive Monday nite at 11:10 which would have been 8 our time, get a good nights rest and be up for the Tour on Tuesday. Nope we FINALLY get here at 4 on Tuesday. Oh well what are you going to do?? I plan on writing Delta a ummm 'little note' not that it will help but I will feel better! lol Ok gotta go get ready for the classes :) Later and thanks for reading this far, if I was cool I would have a freebie for you but since I am lame I do not have any idea how to do that!!


Debby said...

I would write them a note to! I hope you did have some what of a good time.
It looks like your garden is doing great. YUM!

laura P said...

When are you coming home??// I miss your comments. Sorry you are having such a ruff time of it. Would it help if I told you that when I got off work yesterday and decided dinner was Taco Bell, then got home and two of the "Main Meals" were absent from the bag, so I call and tell them and she says can you come back down and get them.....NO !! Well I have two FREE ones coming. So tonight when I leave work at 6:15 I decide I will go get my 2 FREE encherido's (sp??)And order 4 reg taco's cause I don't want to pay for anything more expensive than that. And darned if the whole order was FREE !! Wish I had known that cause I sure wouldn't have gotten "JUST TACO'S" !!!

Valerie... said...

Some days it just pays to wake up and say life is beautiful, in spite of it all!

Luv that garden!

Trisha said...

Yummy!!!! I wish I could keep a garden alive . . . those look delicious!

Kayla aka The Legacy Lady said...

They look so good - I wonder if cantaloupe would grow in Utah! Hey - if you ever find yourself stuck in SLC airport again, shoot me an email, I am ten minutes from there and totally would help anyway I can! Hope your trip back is better than the trip out!

Hummie said...

Oh my, you really make me want to taste those to see how they are better than store bought!

Yes, come along and post a heirloom layout and add it to the links, we will be glad to have you play!