Monday, August 6

Sleeping Angel

This layout goes back a ways, to when Kayie was just 3 1/2 months old. Such a little sweetie all bundled up. Time has flown by, it seems like she should still be this little. The age where you can just hold and cuddle them to your hearts content. Or for the hour we get her anyway! (so ya that means maybe 5 minutes for gramma) Oh but how sweet those precious moments are.

Credits are:

Debby Bradley Baby Pink Quick page and Kit. She is so sweet to share her talent with us FOR FREE!!!!! Now just how cool is that????


Debby said...

Baby's just don't stay little long enough. I haven't seen my newest grand baby since she was a week or so old and she is crawling now.

I love everything you added to the page. Thank you for putting it up but you didn't have to do that. I will get the extras I have zipped up for you tomorrow and send you a link and if you don't like any of it just delete it.

My computer warned me I was running out of space so I have been putting stuff on my other drive and going to be deleting stuff tomorrow. I hate cleaning up my hard drive!!! It takes me forever!
Catch you later....

laura P said...

How can it be????
Time is just flying by...
Really sweet page, btw I ordered a bunch of digi stuff @50% off also get the mega grab bag !!!
Now just to figure out how to do something with my stash......

PS something new on my blog
turn down your volume a little so as not to scare you......

Courtney DeLaura said...

oh my gosh she is so cute and now so big. I can't believe you look at those amazing layouts. rockin' the digi. I can't wait till sept.


my2boys said...

hey ladie!! I stopped by and got all caught up. so fun to see all the pics, layouts etc. you have been having wayyyyyy too much fun!

great pages, btw!

she is ADORABLE....ahhhhh. love them grandbabies!

love reading about your fun. I would love to sit on your deck for a dinner party. sighhhh. one day maybe....we are planning on a oregon trip next summer ;)

hugs sweetz!