Sunday, January 6

Some Christmas Decorations

Here are some of my Favorite and or Special Christmas Decorations. This Santa Wreath was made for me by my great friend Linda. Is this not just stunning, she GAVE it to me for Christmas about 8 years ago and it is still one of my Favorite decorations! Kaylie likes the little red birds, she looks at it and chirps! lolSome of my favorite Snowmen, I have a huge love affair with snowmen, most of my friends know this and tend to feed my obsession!
I decorated an entire tree for the Nursery one year with white teddy bears that I either put poinsettia 'collars' on, little red jackets or had them holding small wrapped packages. When the tree came down at the end of the Christmas Season I grabbed all my bears! Now they live on our tree at home during Christmas. We always have a noble or a silver tip so the big bears are great for filling in any 'open' spots!
This is what I would see before I headed up the stairs for bed at night

(right before I unplugged it)

I don't know why but this one has just always made me smile :)
I have always LOVED BASIC GREY, I think they make the BEST rub-ons.

This one just makes me giggle!

I was so dang disappointed this year when Basic Grey didn't come

out with fun seasonal rub-ons :( Now I wish I had stocked up on the old ones.

I have 5 mini 'Disco' balls on my tree. These are ornaments our daughter gave me when she was a freshman in college. This was really the 1st year she was on her own and bought Christmas gifts with money she made while working part time at the mall. I will always love these :) and they make some great sparkly patterns when the lights hit them just right!!
Every year I have to make some kind of ornament, it is just not Christmas unless I do! This is one of my 'Hybrid' projects before I even knew what 'Hybrid' was! lol It was a super super simple ornament but when you add a bit of clear diamond glaze over a few places it really gave it some pizazz!
Back in my painting days I made a batch of these!
A little slice of my tree, a painted snowman from my friend Julie, one of my tiny bears. A painted sleigh by my Momma (still miss you like crazy Mom)

I love the red berries, I just put them here and there all over the tree, one of the Disco balls, a couple red balls with the 'good' Basic Grey rub-ons and a fancy red ornament I picked up with my daughter last year or the year before at the after Christmas sale at Pier One.

My candle stick Santa's, a great find at Costco a couple of years ago!

The Angel letters on my stairs. They are really Shabby Chic and I totally found them by accident 50% off. Totally tickled me!!
Kitchen decorations, this is a Hurricane Lamp that was a Gift from Mark and Jini about

4 or 5 years ago. I have always really liked it, but this year it really just 'fit'

and looked so cool in my kitchen!!This is something I have always wanted in a kitchen! lol It might be silly but I have always wanted 'floating' cabinets so I could put fun stuff on top of them! LOVE LOVE LOVE ITI had to leave you with this photo. We picked this up at the Saint Mary's Christmas Bazaar about 5 years ago and I think it is so appropriate. We need to remember that it is all good and fine to enjoy the fun Decorations of the Season but always always remember
the true Reason for the Season!
WHEW are you on overload now!! :)

The black Frames on all my photos are actions by Natasha Whitley at DSSA


laura P said...

Pretty !!!!
Glad I got to see your house decorated in person.

Hummie said...

Thanks for sharing...I love all of these crafty goodies, but I was most interested in your house in the backgrounds of the photos...what a cool house you have! I'm jealous! lol.

Nanibouelle said...

Quelles magnifique photos!!!! Bravo!!!