Wednesday, September 24


I didn't get Kaylie's 'Hiding' photos uploaded off my camera so here are some
Sunrise photos from September 18th. Yes the day of our Anniversary!
I think because we are still having so much smoke it
completely turned the sky into fire,
ya know where there is smoke there is FIRE! lol

Hopefully I will catch a bit of time tomorrow to get the photos off my camera,
but tomorrow is a 'Kaylie' day so I don't know how much extra time I will have.
I pretty much spend every moment I can with the little miss :)
Oh and I picked up a couple of ADORABLE Halloween costumes,
yes I said a couple cause I could not decide which one!


Beth said...

OMG Brookster, if I can't see Kaylie I will settle for this awesome sunrise just gorgeous

Lauren said...

Yay! for a Kaylie day! This pictures are gorgeous.

The Clarks said...

Those are beautiful pictures!

I know what you mean about many Halloween outfits ~ Elise already has 2 costumes and several 'seasonal' outfits. They stuff is just too cute!

Deb M. said...

WOW..what a beautiful sunrise. I can't wait to see Kaylie's sure to have her model them, so that we can pick which is cutest on her. LOL! She would be adorable in anything.